Drama, Mystery

Drowning Lessons (Red Frog Beach Mystery #1) by Rachel Neuburger Reynolds

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When you read a ton of books a year (a fact for which I will remain eternally grateful) there will always be cases of books both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprising you. When the former happens, it makes your day. This is one such case.

I have had this book with me for a while, and I somehow never got to it. I corrected that error recently and sat down with it. It was a very different version of cozy mystery/chicklit/drama than I am in the habit of reading. It is multi-layered and has interesting characters and even more interesting relationships. This last fact is analyzed to a very high degree and I am sure all of you reading would find something to commiserate with. I have had my share of great friendships (most of which still exist) and a couple of ones which border on toxic. I unknowingly might have been the aggressor in a few and I tried my best to learn from those mistakes but the others left a mark. This is one such story.

Lexie is not in a happy place but has to participate in her childhood best friend’s wedding. She has been roped in to bend to the bridezilla’s every whim and things start to get crazy. Nothing about the setup feels right and one of them turns up dead. This, as it turns out is another thing the bride needs her help keeping away from her party because she needs the show to go on. There are multiple suspects, a lot of crazy activities being organized and slip-shod detecting done by Lexie. Every person in the party is a suspect and while being surrounded by water-Lexie does not know how to swim. She learns through the book to not only not-drown in the water but to stay afloat in her normal life.

I highly recommend this book, I would have given it a full five stars if it was a tiny bit shorter. I was restless to see where the story was headed. The writing was great and the narration flowed otherwise.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.



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