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The Haunting of Elmwood Manor (Pekin Dewlap Mystery #1) by Pamela McCord

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This book had a very large scope of possibilities. The children, (although they are teens and one of them drives, their conversations made me feel like they existed in a separate younger world) have been friends since as far as they can remember. The story jumps right into the premise, providing us with information about the strange new job that Pekin has planned and is automatically assuming her friends will be a part of . Although aiming at a younger audience than me, I felt the interpersonal relationship swung between believable and not entirely probable. This was also the case with the public reaction to the new ‘Ghost hunting’ job. Some people took in too well into their stride but the others treated it with such disbelief that it was hard to imagine that all existed simultaneously within the same story. If these descriptions seem a little erratic, it will be accurately telling you of my reading experience.

Pekin wants to run an agency which helps ghosts ‘move on’ solely because she misses the ability to see them in daily life ( that is explained in more detail in the book). They find one job and as they embark on solving the mystery within the Elmwood house, they uncover more than they thought possible. As mentioned earlier, the base was interesting but it did not sustain my interest for too long. The people are the highlight of the narrative however, since they are all very vivid and each play important roles in the their own way.

Overall, a decent start to a series. I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.


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