Crooked Street (Frost Easton #3) by Brian Freeman

I am following my KU review directly with another that I read/listened to via my KU membership.Crooked Street (Frost Easton #3)

Narrator: Joe Barrett

I reviewed the last two books of this series here:

The Night Bird (Frost Easton, #1) The Voice Inside (Frost Easton, #2)

This is one series that just gets better with every book. This is an occurrence which in infrequent in my perusal of books. Frost Easton has solved his sister’s murder, but is left with a lingering issue from the previous installment in the for of Tabby.

The story plunges right into intrigue with a man fearing for his life. He ends up at Frost’s door and with his last breath leaves him with a clue-a single word. The word and the investigation into the death of this man (and many others) leads Frost into turbulent waters. His escape into sanity with his (and his friend’s) reputation intact seems to be an impossible feat. I guessed a few outcomes, but closer to the actual reveal, implying that the pacing of the story was pretty great and led my mind down the exact road the author wanted us to go down.

The ending is a cliff hanger which once again you are almost made to expect but it is horrifying either way. This story packs it all in, the cop who does good however high the stakes, secrets in the shadows and a crime ring that stretches its influence through decades and the entire city is within its palm. The people are the kind that you will want to cheer them on and hope the best for. One interpersonal relationship seemed to have been simplified for the best outcome and that alone is the main reason that I did not give this a full five stars. If you are on the lookout for a new series to binge on (if three books can be binged on), look beyond the first book-skip it if required and read the other two.

My queue now looks like this: I replaced this thriller with another thriller. These are all books (except the sandman) which comes with audio included.


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