Drama, Historical fiction

The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain

This book was all the rage when I first started blogging, every second person was talking about it and it piqued my curiosity and it was probably in the first batch of books I added to my TBR thanks to other reviews. When I got an opportunity to request the ARC for the latest version, I jumped at the chance and was pretty pleased with being approved. That said, the following review is completely based on my own reading experience and not actually altered by the hype surrounding it.

The basic premise of the story is simple, there is a mysterious entry into Carly’s life- a man who will change her life but not in the sense that the first reading of these words would imply. Without adding too many spoilers I would say it borders on sci-fi  (even if there seem to be open spoilers all over the internet including Goodreads!). The science part of the solution is rather vague and is not a central focus of the tale, it is but a means to an end. Carly is despondent in the wake of the destruction caused to her personal life thanks to the Vietnam war. To top the problems she is having, her unborn child is in danger. A single solution is offered to her and she takes it. What follows are the twists and turns in two parts of the choices she makes. These choices not only impact her but also her immediate family and everyone’s future in one form or another. The people were very fleshed out and although I did not shed a tear with any of them, there were some heart-rending moments which were well written. If some events seemed ultimately too convenient, that is both the boon and bane of the genre.

The narrative is surprisingly fast-paced and covers a lot of ground, lingering on a few more of the moments in between might have wrung those missing tears from me. The story is well written and the people are likeable (which is usually a bonus for someone like me). I would recommend this to those people who like family dramas, and especially those who like the whole mother-daughter relationship to be an important factor.

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