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Sunshine Over Bluebell Castle (Bluebell Castle #2) by Sarah Bennett

42903099. sy475 The book is up for request till the 9th of august

I really enjoyed the first book of the series: Spring Skies Over Bluebell Castle and was looking forward to finding out how the triplets manage the good fortune that they end up with in the first installment. I liked what happened in this one, but I was expecting something even more. I will try to explain a little more coherently.

This book is all about the only female, eldest of the three and the woman who should have inherited if the laws of inheritance allowed for it. Iggy is breaking her head over what could be done to get the gardens of Bluebell Castle ready to go public. With this in mind and a bigger than average crush on the famous landscaper/gardener, Iggy decides that Will Talbot is the solution to their problems. I liked Will and I liked Iggy and their personalities separately and even together but I felt their story was a lot more rushed than the previous one. The foundation was laid with Iggy’s thought process being described quite early on, but it still did not feel adequate. I wanted more of a buildup to their working together. There are further secrets revealed in this tale, of the past and once again the mother makes an arrival. She is present for more of the story than before and her priorities seem to swing through many phases but she brings her own downfall.

The way we leave things at the end, I wonder how much of a story is left for the youngest sibling. I will definitely be reading the last of the series whenever I get the chance!

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

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