A Legacy of Murder (Kate Hamilton Mysteries #2) by Connie Berry

I have squirreled away some time to read and therefore there will probably be continuous reviews for a few days (back to my old routine). NetGalley is hosting something called #Reviewathon till the end of August and I have decided to join the tag and mention it in my reviews till the last date just for the spirit of participation!

45272744. sy475 The book is still available to request till the 24th of September

I really enjoyed a A Dream of Death,the first book of the series and immediately had to get my hands on the next one. This is an ARC as the book is set to release in October.

Kate Hamilton is in England, she is indulging her love of antiques and history by combining a holiday with bonding with her daughter at the latter’s workplace. It has the added benefit of being in the same town as the man who she crossed paths with, in the first book. With such a stage set all things should have gone smoothly but murder happens to rear its ugly head once again. This was not something new either for Finchley hall- as they have had multiple cases of bodies in their long history- or for Kate who solved a case quite recently. Kate gets involved in the workings of Finchley hall more than she could have ever anticipated.

I loved the previous book because of the narration, and the story seemed to be set in a different time and place than in our contemporary world. This installment was more grounded in the woes of owning and feeding old homes in England with the current issues at hand. Kate is a very interesting character, she is intelligent but not arrogant. She has multiple insecurities and if an outburst from her seems odd to us, she will feel the same way once she cools down. Her biggest insecurities are her relationship with her daughter and the ‘future’ with Tom. Both of these topics are tackled in-depth here, without a proper conclusion making it feel surprisingly realistic. The investigation spans a lot of issues and like the previous story, we follow each suspect until he/she is no longer one and then switch tack. It is streamlined and concise with the only superfluous bits being the dramas amongst the interns at Finchley Hall but that serves its own purpose at a later stage.

I liked most of the characters but I would have willingly scolded Christine for her asinine behaviour, the older ladies were a treat to read about. I would recommend this series to those on the lookout for cozy mysteries with a little more content than quirks.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

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