Cake by Nicole Brooks

I need to preface the following review with the fact that this was not the book for me. I may seem to be stating this often of late, but I think it counts as a bias that needs to be taken into account when reading a review because it indicates the slant of the review itself.

Cake is a book which includes different types of cheating, to the extent that it made me uncomfortable despite all the background information providing us with reasons why it was so. Cheating oneself, a spouse and general public in the form of social presence are all the prominent parts of the tale. We have two main women, as poles apart from each other as upbringings could make them. then we have two other women, daughters of the other women with a life struggling to understand the choices their mothers make on a daily basis. It has fodder that can be dissected to the smallest fraction because of all these instances and the way each character responds, staying true to their image on the whole.

I did not enjoy the book in the sense of the word but I think it threw up contradictions in daily lives of almost average people and would appeal widely to the right audience. I received an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the publishers but the review (as you can see) is completely based on my reading experience.

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