Broken Veil (Harbinger #5) by Jeff Wheeler

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Narrator: Kate Rudd

I’ve linked all my previous reviews for this series below, you will find the whole list of the previous worlds by the author and the fact that the tie-ins are awesome and do check them all out!

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At the beginning of this last installment, we have Cetti who was kidnapped after she found out about her true parentage and although it was not too much of a surprise, there were important bits littered around the actual facts that once again have more value if you’ve read the previous books by the author. She is struggling with staying true to her identity of self and receives help to go above and beyond what she originally thought possible  Then we have Sera who has established herself in her new role while making more friends and enemies. Both girls (now women) are in danger of losing their life or their sanity but they power through. As with the other books, the author layers a lot of faith in the book. It may or may not pertain to an actual religion in the real world outside but the worlds now have expanded to such a point that it has a life of its own. Usually, I find the mention of most types of fervent believers in fiction a little uncomfortable but the way the picture is drawn between the knowing/mysteries/medium and those struggling to comprehend it/her it is fascinating to behold just as a study of the human nature. The zeal with which they place their lives in their understanding of the functioning of their world and their innate need to do the right thing over personal comfort (this is solely for the good guys, obviously)

There is actual warfare, individual combats, lots of revelations and although I still liked some others in the series better than this one, it was still a satisfying conclusion.

I read this as part of my kindle unlimited list. My last such review was: The Vanishing Season (The Collector #4) by Dot Hutchison. I have been very finicky with the audiobooks I was listening to and this means my queue now looks very different from my last post. Did I eject something good?(the previous list is available in the previous post.)

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