Truth and Lies (DI Amy Winter #1) by Caroline Mitchell

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Narrator: Elizabeth Knowelden

When I posted my last review Broken Veil (Harbinger #5) by Jeff Wheeler, I felt a nagging sensation when I saw the difference between the queue at the end of the post. It was then I realised that I had forgotten to write a review for this book although it has been a while since I finished listening to it.

Amy Winter is struggling with the loss of her father when she is blindsided by a whole new truth, the links her past have with psychopathic serial killers. She struggles with this information and the fact that the tendrils of the tension are creeping from the past and reaching out to her. There is no sanity to be had in her life. The narrator was great and worked the tension of the book well into the tale, but I saw a lot of things coming and the side story of Amy’s right-hand man seemed too much of an arc to be digested easily.

It is a well-written thriller with all the twists to go with it, and the overall atmosphere of danger lurks over the story but while I enjoyed (never the right term to use for such books but no substitute would make sense) the tale, I was not vested enough in the lives of the character to want to know what happens to Amy next. I might pick up the next book some time anyway because of the potential of the series, but at this time it is only a speculation.



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