Valencia and Valentine by Suzy Krause

I have not read/reviewed anything in what constitutes a long long time for me. I was visiting relatives with young kids and it was a blast and obviously, I had no time to actually stay cooped up in a corner to read. I did not read anything during my long flights to and fro either so I only have a couple of reviews that I can write at this time. The day after we landed I made the almost obligatory trip to the library after almost 2.5 months away! I will, therefore, be making up for the lost time in the near future and you will be seeing a lot of my posts.

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Narrator: Janet Metzger

I saw a few interesting reviews of this on the blogosphere and since I was not having much luck with my selections of books on Kindle Unlimited lately I decided to give it a shot.

The negative side of being a reviewer is that I start to frame the review with every changing emotion that I have while reading or listening to a book. This book certainly took me for a ride. I was torn between the obvious sincerity of Valencia and the eccentricities of Mrs. Valentine and the mild annoyance of constantly being told a different version of reality. Conceptually, the whole thing is tied together in a very interesting fashion. There are a lot of things that make sense towards the end, with some profound statements that felt right in the given scenario.

Surprisingly enough I couldn’t completely guess the way the tales come together but that helped me enjoy the narration a little longer. The audiobook narrator did a good job but the overall ambience of the tale was a little too dreary for me, it could have been shorter and I would have enjoyed it more. Valencia is troubled, she struggles with maintaining normalcy to her daily life with all the thoughts she has dancing around in her head. On the other hand, Mrs Valentine is trying to lead the best life an eighty plus-year-old could. The latter is lonely and enjoys telling tales to people, the latest audience being her new cleaner. There is a lot to unpack in the story and although it did not work too well for me I am sure there will be a lot of people who would enjoy meeting the people of the tale.

My last KU post was: Truth and Lies (DI Amy Winter #1) by Caroline Mitchell. My queue now looks like this:

A Merciful Promise (Mercy Kilpatrick, #6)  45857966. sy475  42258946. sy475  When We Believed in Mermaids23167180 43602848 43078409 25581147. sx318  38096424 43706737

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