Dumped, Actually by Nick Spalding


Narrated by: Steve West

I went on a binge once, reading a lot of books by this author only one of which was after I started this blog (that seems too strange to be true, but I cannot seem to find other reviews so it must be!) The only one I did find was:

Mad Love

Now, the narrative is not my usual style. There is a certain level of swearing that I am comfortable with (in the context of agreeing the level of frustration deems it) and these books usually go overboard with it, which was what led to the pause in my binge in the first place. What made me try so many of them, was the humour in it all. There is a very high level of self-deprecating humour in all the stories and this has a higher quantity than most.

Ollie is a mess, he is a magnet for the most unfortunate of situations and the weirdest ways that he could feel bad about himself and what he ends up doing. Despite it all, his skills with words are what keep him afloat. After the latest dumping, when he is wallowing in self-pity, a chance encounter, and his boss’s sort-of ultimatum, he sets about creating a feature in his newspaper chronicling the misfortunes in his love life. Now, there are many things that puzzle him that would seem quite clear to us as a reader and we can even mentally chide him for being so naive. He also provides ample opportunity during his narrative for us to do this but even with all that mental commentary you cannot but want him to have a brief ray of sunshine in his life. Whether he gets it or not as he navigates random suggestions on how to get over his breakup and move on is the core of the book.

It has both slapstick humour and subtle punchlines and all the while the most random atrocities heap their way onto Ollie’s head. This is not a serious read in any form or fashion and you have to keep an open mind and preferably listen to the book because Ollie is a larger-than-life character in some ways and the audio had me chuckling along with it. This story came along at the right time among all my other serious reads so I was happy with it.

My last KU(other than one published earlier today) was: Valencia and Valentine by Suzy Krause My queue now looks like this:

When We Believed in Mermaids 45857966. sy475  42258946. sy475  23167180  43078409 25581147. sx318  38096424 50841186. sx318 sy475  38198018. sy475 40006091. sy475

What do you think? Have you read/liked/disliked any of them? There are at least two books releasing in the next week or two that I really like the series or author of, and I hope to have listened to one or two of these by then. I am currently halfway through When we believed in mermaids.

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