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A Bittersweet Surprise (Starlight Cove #3) by Cynthia Ellingsen

A Bittersweet Surprise audiobook cover art

Narrator: Kate Rudd

This is a series with a few overlapping characters, who are minor in their roles but prior knowledge just makes it more entertaining. I reviewed the previous two books below:

The Lighthouse Keeper (Starlight Cove, #1)

The Winemaker's Secret (Starlight Cove, #2)

Now, if you have seen my previous two reviews (which on a side note I had a lot of fun writing because of the oddness of the tale), you will notice the mention of a formula. This is not your romantic thriller, nor is it a standard ‘woman’s fiction’. It is a delicious combination of the two with lesser physical danger. I use delicious as a play on words here because, on this visit to starlight cove, we put all our focus and energy on the Sweetery. As the name suggests, it is a shop for chocolates and other sweet goodies and the names and descriptions of many of them would melt even the hardest heart.

Emma Laurent is as sweet as her father’s shop but not cloyingly so. One would shake their head at her niceness instead of cringing at her possible naivety. She is in trouble financially. There are a lot of burdens on her which she is only starting to total up when a new bombshell is placed at her feet by her step-mother. Her friends try to rally around her as she struggles to come up with ways to salvage her life but at the same time she tries to help random people around her. There is another sort-of treasure hunt in this, and it was so tantalizing that I switched from audion to reading just to get to the bottom of it. There were parts that I guessed right and a couple I was not expecting, but overall I had fun with the book.

There is a mild romance in the offing but it does not capture as much time in the narrative as the previous two books (or so I felt because I wanted more of their tale to unfold in this story itself!).

For those familiar with the series, this is a must-read and for others, you can start with the first and work your way to it. I borrowed it from my KU and read/listened to it in one go and finished it the very same day!

My last KU list was posted on Dumped, Actually by Nick Spalding

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