The Murder on the Links (Hercule Poirot #2) by Agatha Christie

This helps adding to my currently growing list of books for #BritishCrimeClassicsChallenge

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Narrator: Tim Bruce

It must be just my good luck that Amazon Classics continues to release audio versions of the old Agatha Christies (and many other classics I am a little afraid to try) in order and it gives me a fresh look at all the people in the stories.

When hearing Hastings narrate the story aloud (the narrator did a great job), you can see the combination of awe and disdain that hasting’s flighty thoughts take him through when he continues his association with Hercule Poirot. Poirot is not an easy man to be around but Hasting takes his position as the wounded assistant very seriously. It is clearly visible in this tale. Hastings has less work to do in his real job, (I never knew he had another job, never paid attention to that fact the previous time(s) I read this particular story) and is hanging out with Poirot. Then a mysterious letter makes it way to them, it urges them to come as soon as possible to sort out a problem for a wealthy man who fears for his life. By the time they get to the spot, however, they are too late!

There are many interesting women in this narrative (the men pale in comparison)and each gets time in the limelight as the suspicion moves from one to the other. The story is, as many of Agatha Christie’s are all about the people. Poirot makes not very subtle pokes at those men who grovel on the ground hunting physical clues although some physical evidence did help him confirm his suspicions. There are a lot of twists in this installment and I thankfully only remembered parts towards the end and therefore enjoyed the pace at which the story took me. I recommend this to those starting with the author to see if all the ‘people watching’ keeps you hooked.  Hastings’ romantic angle was a bit of a miss with me but I guess that is just the kind of story that might have worked in that era. I look forward to the day they release the next one into the KU library.

My last KU post was One Small Sacrifice (Shadows of New York #1) by Hilary Davidson and my queue looks like this now: (each cover leads back to the appropriate page on Goodreads, if you feel like adding to the list)

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40006091. sy475   41632412. sy475  25207266. sy475  23257224 The Sign of Four (AmazonClassics Edition) cover art 

I started listening to the Elven and only then realised it is 28 hours of a single book! so I am pacing it with the Jamie Beck for now just to keep the seriousness a little lower. As you can also see, I am going to head back to Sherlock Holmes as well to see if it retains its magic for me.

4 thoughts on “The Murder on the Links (Hercule Poirot #2) by Agatha Christie”

  1. Thank you for participating. 😀 I am yet to re-read AC book, I will link your reviews when I do.
    Btw, have you seen Poirot TV series? Whenever I read Poirot series, I can see David Suchet playing the role. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never watched Poirot on Tv because for some reason I imagined him bald and when the first poirot I saw wasn;t , I felt offended and refused to watch any. I have only seen the latest murder on the orient express because I thought it was high time I gave up that prejudice,


      1. The David Suchet one is really awesome. His acting and Ze accent, (😉😉) is superb. I too watched the latest movie but I didn’t like it a bit. They got it all wrong. Poirot with a head full of hair, bushy moustache and no accent 🙄🙄
        Peter Ustinov acted as Poirot, was this the one you saw first? 🤔


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