A Life Without Water by Marci Bolden

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I need to start this review (as I sometimes have to) by saying that the writing was great. It was very easy to read and evoked the right amount of emotions.

That said, this was not what I expected and was not a book for me. Despite that fact, I could read it completely and like it enough to recommend it to other readers of this genre who like family dramas. We meet Carol/Caroline at work when her past walks in the door. She is in an emotional place due to the fact that she recently lost her husband but she has bigger issues to deal with now. She has to confront her life and the choices she made during it. The past is revealed to us as flashbacks based on conversations in the previous chapters but apart from one startling discovery about Carol, I expected the rest. It was easy to see where the story was going for the most part. It almost solely focused on the two lead characters for the major 3/4ths of the book and it got mildly repetitive in terms of the story itself. The tale is about forgiveness and moving on and all the emotions that go with the process. It is not an easy journey and Carol and John work hard at facing their demons. It was written in such a way that the entire experience that they have did not feel fruitless to me, which should have been the case since nothing really ‘happens’ in one sense on that word.

The extra people who were in the story without playing an active role during the weeks when the story unfolds were interesting and very different people and I had fun being introduced to them, each in their own turn. As mentioned earlier, I liked the book without loving it but I think it works well for the write audience and I recommend you give it a shot!

I received this as an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

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