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A Year of Creativity by Petra Hoeksema; Lidy Nooij; Miriam Catshoek; Bregje Konings

It has been a while since I reviewed a book about doing something and it has been piling up. You might notice a spate of them in the coming month.

I have never been a very social person, but I like the idea that this book encourages. It is something that was born out of the very idea that it talks about so it is tried and tested.

It is an odd collection of crochet ideas, food, and other craft ideas to keep the rest of the ideas in order. It gives an approximate method of how (once you have a group of like-minded individuals who are willing to set time aside to help each other sustain the good habits of crochet or the like) to work together in a group in a seamless fashion. It has suggestions of how to record ideas as and when you have them and then to distribute it among the group and work simultaneously on a project all the while working individually. For example, a project could be deciding on an object and colour but the shape and style would be a personal touch. It has the instructions for all four of the authors’ input in some of the projects while a few others seem to be specialties of individual authors. None of the food recipes were for me, but some of the crochet ideas are appealing, especially since I recently bought a lot of random yarns.

It is not for uninitiated and only applies to those who like working with their hands and are on the lookout to streamline this habit.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but this review is completely based on my own reading experience (and plans for crochet in the future)

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2 thoughts on “A Year of Creativity by Petra Hoeksema; Lidy Nooij; Miriam Catshoek; Bregje Konings”

  1. I’ve always thought about doing these kinds of reviews, especially with simple cookbooks because I havent had the money to cook the last 18 months and now I have to learn again. But you did a really great job with it having so many different types of crafts

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