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Fowl Language: Winging It by Brian Gordon


I have reviewed the previous book: Fowl Language: The Struggle Is Real and am a regular follower of the author on Instagram. I jumped at the chance of reviewing an advance copy of this latest collection, and my review is completely based on my own reading experience.

It is different from just reading the comic strips because there is more emotion in the introduction to the chapter in which the author bares his soul than in the comics themselves. Quite a few of them I had previously seen on the frequent posts so they were not much of a surprise. I liked the jokes, the writing but I liked the previous collection better, which does not mean this wasn’t funny in its own way. I read it almost as soon as I had access to it and wrapped it up in one sitting.

This collection might appeal to new parents, or parents of children in general even more since it might draw empathetic reactions and parallels to their own experiences.




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