What Have You Done by Matthew Farrell

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Narrator: Chris Andrew Ciulla

Unreliable narrators are back on my radar. I liked this book a lot till the last ten chapters or so, I felt like they dragged out something I knew was coming and therefore did not enjoy. That is the only reason I gave it the rating I did. I am looking forward to reading/listening to more of the author’s books.

In this book, we meet the Dwyer brothers. Liam may seem whiny when we first encounter him but he has good reason to be. He has no recollection of his night, and he woke up in a bathtub which he abhors thanks to the fact that his mother had once tried to drown him. From there, his day gets significantly worse by the hour. All signs point to him being deranged and he is not contesting it too strongly either since he has no idea what he did in certain time periods. He has a helpful elder brother and a possessive wife hovering nearby but they are not making him feel better. I cannot say more in fear of prejudicing you and giving away what makes the book a thriller. The narrator was great and I have already queued up the next book by the author.

I am still saying it was a predictable last bit, but that did not make me regret spending time with the book which is a rare reaction.

My last KU review was: The Memory Tree by Linda Gillard my queue now looks like this:


25581147. sx318  30046024 40006091. sy475   41632412. sy475  25207266. sy475  23257224 The Sign of Four (AmazonClassics Edition) cover art 41196516. sy475 43305734. sy475   I Know Everything

Any comments on any of these books?

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