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Everyday Keto Baking by Erica Kerwien

I have been effectively offline from the blog for longer than two weeks. I have been on the app on the phone, responding to comments and going through other people’s posts and liking them but everything else was scheduled and I set it up in such a way that when I was away travelling I wouldn’t pile up my reviews at one go. It felt odd to look at the scheduled posts pop up sometimes, like letters written to future selves/by past selves style and I will be happy to go back to talking through the post on a normal basis going forward.

As I near the end of the year, I have a strange problem. I read a lot during the year. Not all of it (like the book below) require me to read all the pages while paying appropriate attention, but the numbers that I put out at very big and I am a little embarrassed by them. I keep wondering what other people would think when they see it. Will the number seem to atrociously huge to be unbelievable or would it look like I am showing off? There are 85 days left and I am already at 256 books after I post this, and I keep adding to my TBR. There is no point of this paragraph as such but I am hoping others who have read this much would see it and wave away my fears and tell me that it is normal for a homemaker with lots of free time, and an audible option to read this much in a year and treat it like any other stat and therefore reduce my overthinking this thing.

Moving on to the review!


I have had vague run-ins with the keto diet and I requested an opportunity to check this book out to get a better picture as to what it might entail. I did not get to read the whole thing before I lost access to the book (as it happens with some advance review copies) but what I did register was a very pleasant surprise!

I have been going through multiple cookbooks in the past couple of weeks, mostly because my time with them was running out and it was now or never. I sometimes learn something very new from a few of them and this was one such book. I may not be completely sold on the idea of a keto diet or have the capacity to see it through, but I do see the advantages of some of the suggestions. There were so many interesting options of things to bake and put together that it has me excited to buy cauliflowers soon, which obviously indicates that a lot of the recipes have cauliflower and they also use coconut flour and almond flour. The last two ingredients I have very easy access to which is yet another reason I should give the recipes I looked at a chance sooner rather than later.

Overall, I got more out of this book with just a minimal investment of time than I thought I would which is always something of a gift. Followers of the Keto diet may find a lot to help them in here, and even those who are not (like me) will also find new ideas and suggestions of value in these pages. A few recipes are vegetarian and a few vegan but many can just have some ingredients substituted to make them different. There were enough such recipes to satisfy me.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on what I got from reading the book and my interest in new and different recipes.

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2 thoughts on “Everyday Keto Baking by Erica Kerwien”

  1. Read at your pace and don’t worry about anyone or anything else. I read 218 books last year, but this year I’m only on track to finish at about 125. Every person is different and every year is different! Honestly, the one thing I do wish is that every adult would read at least 2-3 books per year. I think the world would change if they did. ❤️📚

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