Historical fiction, Mystery

Murder in Black Tie (High Society Lady Detective #4) by Sara Rosett

Murder in Black Tie (High Society Lady Detective Book 4) by [Sara Rosett]

Murder at Archly Manor (High Society Lady Detective #1) Murder at Blackburn Hall (High Society Lady Detective Book 2) The Egyptian Antiquities Murder (High Society Lady Detective Book 3)

There are some books that I start reading because of recommendations from others and then there are those that I stumbled upon, enjoyed despite the overall ratings not being too high. These latter ones are rare, and this series is one of them (might even be the only one if I investigate this angle properly but I do not intend to spend more time on doing so!). I have linked the reviews to the previous reviews above, check them out before proceeding for a more informed look at it all.

Olive Belgrave and her cohorts, relatives and her entire situation is always a delight to visit despite murder always being a crucial part of the mix. The conversations in this tale as in the previous ones are always intelligent and have this distinct tinge of bordering on a joke. There are sarcasm and hidden feelings spread across the entire tale. I am so invested in Olive and Jasper that any step they take towards actually voicing their feelings gives me goosebumps and has me saying ‘finally!’. Spoiler alert: They still do not admit to anything in this installment either.

Olive is home with a problem about her future again. She has been invited to a house party with an odd assortment of guests. One of them will not survive another 24 hours after her arrival and it is up to her to soothe the troubled waters that the investigation that follows brings into the house. She has her own prejudices and has to work at keeping it in check and using it to help her cousin be proven innocent. I did not suspect the turn of the tale till very late in the story which gave me the time to enjoy the pace of the narrative. There is something about the way the story is told that keeps me happy. I highly recommend this series to others who like cozy mysteries set in the past. As usual, we are left with hints as to what the next story would be about as Olive is directly sent to a new location with a whole new problem.

There are new relationships forged by the end of it and a few mended and obviously with the murderer revealed, a few broken! I received an advance copy thanks to the author, but the review is completely based on my ongoing attachment with Olive and how she painstakingly works her way through a case by just being more observant than actually being clever.

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