Fantasy, Young Adult/Children

Fledgling by Molly Harper

I reviewed the first book of the series below:

Changeling (Sorcery and Society, #1)

On reading back the review for the first book I realised afresh how much I enjoyed the series! I think the titles of the books do the content a mild disservice mostly because these are generic in a way and have many similarly-named books floating around (MANY!). All of this has nothing to do with the reading experience because this installment was a five-star read as well. I actually requested this book a long time ago, as soon as it was available but was archived before I had a response. Then I received an email from the publishers indicating that they approved it and reopened access to it for a limited time if I was still interested, which I was. After this exciting occurrence, I was looking forward to the book. The following review was not affected by this occurrence and is completely only based on my own reading experience.

After saving the day and maybe their entire world, the three girls, led by Sarah/Cassandra are settling into their school work. The Mother book which bonded with Sarah in the previous installment is not forthcoming and almost looks like its sulking because Sarah is not really doing anything to find other changelings. Cassandra, however, has a checklist from her auntie: she has to build a social circle and learn to live in the society that she is now part of. We spend a part of the tale at the school and the other in Scotland where the girls go to look for a hidden location. There is a lot that happens in this story but more than the actual events that form the foundation of the story it is the narrative, the conversations and the overall imagery that caught my heart. I loved the flow of the story and felt so good in general even when I was reading about harrowing events because I knew they would be dealt with appropriately. The subtle humour that floats around every scene was a treat and I will keep my eyes peeled for what happens in the next book because, at the end of this one, there was no going back to the way things were! There is more than a single romance this time, as the girls are growing old enough to be ‘courted’.

The worldbuilding is reasonably simple, with the foundation in probably victorian England but has that little extra which makes the entire story sound believable despite having magic in it. I would have liked it even more if the second half of the adventure took up more time and unraveled a little more gracefully but that does not take away from how much fun I had reading this book. Most people who experiment with genres would know that feeling when they find a couple of books that have a good story as well as provide a very satisfying way to spend time. If you are such a person, I highly recommend giving this series a shot!

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