The Rescue (Ryan Decker #1) by Steven Konkoly

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Narrated by: Thom Rivera

In my continued effort to expand my reading/listening varieties, I picked this one of the options presented to me in the Kindle Unlimited queue. I am glad I did because unlike some others that I have read in the same vein, this was easier to follow and appreciate!

The book does have darker shades, painted in abundance throughout the tale but I did not feel put off by it as I could have if there was the narration lingered on the description (which it did not, moving on to continue with the story and treating the violence as an unfortunate byproduct). Ryan Decker is a good guy, someone who pushed the boundaries of the law but stayed on the right side to save people from being trafficked. One twisted plot later, he fell from grace, lost everything he loved and was behind bars. When it came time to testify in court he is unexpectedly released. What follows is organized chaos with different people doing the organizing. I would have liked the actual perpetrators to have been kept in the dark till later in the tale for the ‘aha’ factor but it was still a faced paced story. I especially liked all the ‘good’ people in the story, and how the characters came together to help each other. The narrator (and the author) did a good job of conveying the strengths and vulnerabilities of all our protagonists making the time spent listening to it well spent.

My last KU review was: The Memory of You (Sanctuary Sound #1) by Jamie Beck and my queue now looks like this:

25581147. sx318 23257224 30046024    25207266. sy475  41725247. sy475   The Sign of Four (AmazonClassics Edition) cover art 41196516. sy475  43305734. sy475   I Know Everything The Raid (Ryan Decker #2)

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      1. Ooh wait I think I misunderstood your point..just realised it’s in my queue 😆😂sorry..will update as and when I actually get to it


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