The Divorce by Victoria Jenkins

I have been on a reasonable binge of reading the last few days, mostly because I am hoping to expand my activities for the rest of my day to something more elaborate: maybe try completing the innumerable projects that I have started and which are sitting partly done, stuffed into shelves hidden from view! So I am once again scheduling a couple of posts and will watch it pop online as if by magic the next few days. I will, however, be online from the app to interact with other posts.

I am a little torn about how to phrase the review for this book. Anyone who has seen my reviews for thrillers knows that I have a hard time clicking with the new ones. On one hand, I did click with this one but at the same time, I felt a little let down by a few of the parts and the order in which they occurred but not enough to regret picking up the book like I sometimes do with some of the more recent bestsellers.

It is a very brief book and can be summed up as a total of maybe ten days of events. This is something that works in the story’s favour because of the time investment in reading it, and the time it takes for the plot twists to unravel and the ending to be revealed to us. Overall I was pleasantly surprised (as pleasant as can be while reading about a deranged plot) by the ending but I felt like I should have had more of a heads-up with regards to the background of our leading lady in order to fully accept the tale. Karen is a marriage counselor who is still mourning the death of her husband. She is alone in a house that she holds the sessions in and her latest couple are giving her the creeps. She is torn by the things she is being told and the odd signals that their behaviour is giving her. The plot is as simple as that. The situation of a lone woman who has no friends or family nearby being faced with something like this is very eerily described and has enough strength for the reader to keep hoping that the unknown danger would pass.

Without revealing any spoilers, I would say that although I did not expect the ending to turn out the way it did. I would have liked to know more about connected events that might have had me partially guess the ending, but I would have still appreciated it more.

I would recommend this to regular readers of this genre. I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

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