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First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch by Linda Wyszynski

This is the most comprehensive book that I could ever want if I decide to take up embroidery. I have this (probably bad) habit of purchasing everything required for a hobby even as I step into it. When I began crocheting, I bought a huge book and a lot of hooks and did not really use all of yet, comforting myself instead that I am fully armed for the day I finally sit down and not have to run around for the supplies when actually starting (and completing) a project! (The same goes for block printing, sewing and a couple of other such ‘hobbies’)

This book has all the tips on how to go about doing embroidery(including fabrics and thread types), and all the possible stitches one could employ and how we can use those stitches. It is so detailed (without being too verbose) that anyone could put together a whole new project using it as building blocks apart from the ones suggested by the author. The steps are shown in intricate detail, both as graphics and the actual stitch on the actual fabric. It is well done enough to compete with video tutorials and that I think is something that books usually find hard to compete with. I do not know when I would ever have the actual patience to work on an embroidery project that is elaborate having used cross-stitching to mark my initials into clothes hung out to dry in the corridor after washing in my college hostel. I hoped that that would deter people with itchy fingers and I might have been partially successful with that ploy. I may not have gone farther than a few stitch kits from ANCHOR company that came with explicit details and a ring cum frame to hang in the same box every summer in middle school but I aspire to someday work on something more interesting.

For everyone out there considering Embroidery and thinking of picking up a comprehensive guide, this would probably be it! I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my reading experience and my past brushes with cross-stitch.

Book Depository (Affiliate) purchase link

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