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The Alloy of Law (Mistborn: The Alloy Era #1) by Brandon Sanderson

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I reviewed the first series of this world on the blog before:

243272. sy475  8887107  The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)

This book is set many centuries after the first series, and I did not directly jump into it because the reviews were lukewarm in comparison, and I had other ending things to get to. I feel like kicking myself for the oversight because I had FUN with this book and am looking forward to the next one already!

The tale of how the world was first saved and reborn is now oft-repeated lore, many religions have sprung from the past. Each takes the view of one of the people associated with the original venture, and that makes for some fascinating reading, some odd swearing and a lot of unique comparisons. This is a steampunk version, the mists exists still but come rarely and the powers that were essential to wage that first war are more scattered and rare. The society is a mix of fantasy and (maybe) 1800s England. Our lead protagonist is Wax who is forced to return to the ‘civilised world’ to take up his title, but he ends up dealing with a lot more. He is trigger happy and loves rushing to help people in trouble. In the city though, it does not work as well as it did when he was a lawmaker in the ‘roughs’. There is a new spate of strange robberies that grabs his attention and puts his and his friends’ lives in danger.

Moving on from the plot of the story to the reasons I liked this book, I have to start with the dialogues. I mentioned the ease with which the factors of the world are mixed with the conversation that we would be used to in reality, but it was more than just that. There is a high degree of humour laced into the entire narration. The camaraderie was evident, and the emotions very realistic. I even visualised most of the fight scenes, something I do not always do! There is a very interesting foundation laid out in this book for the rest of the series, and I am looking forward to seeing it all unfold.

I recommend going on to this series if you enjoyed the first three and the main Mistborn series book.

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