Children's fiction

Lost for Words by Aoife Walsh


Although this book is meant for a younger audience but works quite well for someone as old as me! The conversation style is a little choppy, which seemed a bit odd at first, but throughout the book, it turned out to be the main charm of the narration.

Dallas messes up in the very first page of the story, and the embarrassing event is but a dent in the chaos of her life. Her family structure was a little hazy at first until it was slowly explained by just dropping more hints about past events. She has two extremely close friends, both with their own set of troubles. She is eleven and has not stepped into the library since her mother passed away. Then the very library is set to close, and Dallas cannot let go without a fight. This means that she has to go back into the library, rally support for the cause, stay in the loop with her friends as well as deal with the proposition her aunt from the US has brought for her. All of this on top of the grieving process that Dallas has not completely mastered. It was light, there was a lot of banter and serious topics handled in a very subtle manner while others were like as unsubtle as a pizza being thrown on someone’s face(actual occurrence). There is no complete resolution at the end of the narrative, just like in life. Some topics have been dealt with appropriately while others have been tabled for future modifications with the newer facts that come in. Dallas is moving to a secondary school and will not be spending as much time with her friends as she is used to, and she has more to learn about herself and life, but with the reliable support system she has, she might just be able to make the transition into her teens quite effectively smooth.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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