Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) by Melinda Leigh

Save Your Breath audiobook cover art

Narrated by: Cris Dukehart

I have reviewed the previous book in the series, and they are linked to the covers below, I highly recommend checking them out to have a better understanding of my previous experience with them and therefore the bias I have built, in favour of Morgan and her exciting life.

Say You're Sorry audiobook cover art Her Last Goodbye audiobook cover art Bones Don't Lie audiobook cover art What I've Done audiobook cover art Secrets Never Die audiobook cover art

As I mentioned in an earlier review, the time between each book in the series is short, and it is no different this time. We last left the couple with happy prospects and a whole new couple, namely Lincoln and Olivia

The story jumps right into ongoing stalking, Olivia is in trouble even before she becomes aware of the dangers that lurk. She is mulling over a dilemma regarding something she uncovered during her research. She sets her mind at rest temporarily and goes to sleep when she wakes she is thrown headfirst into a trap. Lincoln, Morgan and Lance (in that order) are going about their day when they get an inkling of the fact that Olivia may be missing. This coincides with a violent occurrence near them. The case is set on a timer, and time passes quickly with the effort being crammed into every minute to track Olivia down and also to figure out which part of her research may be at fault. It is fast-paced and informative, as usual. There is no dull minute, and we are constantly on the go, even when it comes to family issues. I really enjoy spending time with Morgan’s family, and this instalment was no different. I highly recommend this series to anyone on the lookout for anything in the ‘Romantic thriller’ sub-genre with a strong woman, and a great family support system is thrown in for good measure!


My last KU review was: Voyage of the Heart by Soraya M. Lane and since I am reserving the Sherlock Holmes stories for a whole new segment in the blog, something I am really excited about but still working on ironing out the kinks, it will vanish and be replaced in the queue without much of an explanation. My queue now looks like this:

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    1. Actually if you have the time, there is a related series even before Morgan comes into the picture but has the common is the series with titles like hours to kills, minutes to kill and seconds to kill, 3 books 😄😁they are all pretty quick reads

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