The Elven (The Elves # 1)by Bernhard Hennen, James A. Sullivan

The Elven audiobook cover art

Edwin Miles (Translator), Narrator: Michael Page

This book puts a whole new spin on my understanding of a saga. I went in completely blind and was a little stunned to see that the listening time was 28hours on normal speed. I started listening to it in between other faster titles and finally completed it. You have to get to the halfway point and multiple generations to actually have the story hit you!

I have not read too many sort-of traditional fantasies with elves and dwarves and the like, so I have very few things to compare this with. With the lack of comparison, I’d say that this has a lot of harsh strokes. The characterisations are clear cut and pretty brutal. We cannot gauge empathy, sympathy or any other normal emotion within the story with our own. Doing so would just lead to disappointment.

This story begins with a man defending his village against a creature they are yet to identify. This leads Mandred down a path he would not have imagined in his wildest dreams. He makes an uneasy alliance with the Elven queen who sends a team of people out to solve the problem. This leads to centuries of unrest that culminates in a major war. Each event is a piece in a jigsaw with no hints left out for us. The elves are almost immortal, their concept of time and how to wield it is unique. That is what the story heavily relies on. It is the central and unique perspective that this book has over others that I have read (apart from the massive scope of the tale). There is a reference to how each action is stored up or has no value based on how they look at it in the bigger picture. The unlikely trio of warriors set off on many adventures, history is written about them, and then they appear to rewrite it. There is tragedy woven into it too. It will take a massive chunk of commitment to listen or read your way through it, but is definitely worth it in the end.

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