I Know Everything by Matthew Farrell

I Know Everything audiobook cover art

Narrator: Cynthia Farrell

I reviewed the first book of this series below:

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This is the second book in the series, but I use the word series lightly. The light thread that joins one with the other is only apparent in the very end, which makes this almost a standalone-almost.

It was a very satisfying thriller. I have had a hard time enjoying popular thrillers of late because of some reason or another. This one checked quite a few of the right boxes. The prologue is vague and hints at a horrific scene which is only described almost halfway through the narrative. There is an unexpected accident on a winding road which looks more suspicious on closer examination. Susan Adler is the lead investigator on the case. She has the respect of her team, subordinates and her family, but she is juggling a lot of things, and this case is making her mind jumpy. There are a lot of twists, small ones but strong enough to add to the ambience and the story itself. It can even make you second guess your biases as the tale progresses. The mind games and the actual evil wrapped within the tale were also complicated.

I do not want to talk of any characters or the storyline lest my words provide spoilers to the discerning eye. I recommend this book and just to get a kick out of the last chapter, maybe check the first book out as well.

I received an ARC via NetGalley and the publishers, but I ended up using my KU membership to listen to the book instead.

My last KU review was: Death Beside the Seaside (Lady Hardcastle Mysteries #6) by T.E. Kinsey, (A book I really, really had fun with) and my queue now looks like this:

43305734. sy475  The Promise of Us audiobook cover art The Raid (Ryan Decker #2) 32188536 Emily of New Moon (Emily, #1)  The Dressmaker's Gift audiobook cover art Elven Winter audiobook cover art Whisper of Bones (Widow's Island, #3) 48428689. sx318

What do you think of my reading/listening plans?

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