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Nonfiction November Week 2: Book Pairings #NonficNov


Week 2: (Nov. 4 to 8) –  Sarah’s Bookshelves is back to host – Book Pairing: This week, pair up a nonfiction book with a fiction title. It can be a “If you loved this book, read this!” or just two titles that you think would go well together. You can link up to the host’s page and keep track of other people participating as well.

My Nonfiction November: Week 1: Year in Nonfiction was the previous post in this event.

I was a little apprehensive about this week’s prompt because I am not good at arbitrary connections. If you show me two books I can cook up a connection based on your reactions to the suggestions I throw out. Since I have read a ton of fiction this year vs very few nonfiction,  I had to set some parameters to make it work. I decided to make it such that all (but one) books on either side of the suggestion are ones that I have read this year. This narrowed the field out and made it easy for me to hunt through them. I  linked back to my individual reviews for further explanations.

1. This was the only one I felt instinctively that I could add to this list because I ended up reading them almost back to back and the similarities in tone are striking.:

Conservation is the watchword in both. The former being real and the other a well-researched mystery(In Rhino We Trust by Dave Butler) based in a world with the same dangers as An Elephant in My Kitchen by Françoise Malby-Anthony, Katja Willemsen

45838716. sy475 43317743

2. This combination stands as they both talk of the realities of work and how much depends on holding down a job. The delicate balance of financial security and mental peace.

40611372 41827015. sy475

3. This I feel go together because we get to see the twisted working of the minds of criminals

42872122. sx318 39863495

4. Expat Life is so well spun in both, one real and another fiction but the tone stays the same

46113346 – 46010572

5. These two have the same tone of adventure and new experiences 

43169777. sy475   44768020

6. If you enjoy the saga of discovering the intricacies of your childhood and who makes you who you are as is described in 


you will really like the following books. Although I did not enjoy the first book of the seven sisters series, I have since read and relished the subsequent books (reviews will be up at some point in the near future) and therefore feel comfortable recommending it. Decanted truths is a saga which is well told

 –42181106 42733413. sy475

Last but not least, a book that I am currently reading :


goes really well with the whole ambience of :

10803121. sy475

especially since the hopes of the victorian scientists/engineers working on their dreams is directly related to the age of steam with magic involved. If there was magic, in reality, those scientists or engineers would have been a whole lot happier.




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  1. Some great recommendations there! I particularly liked section 5 and will look up those books. I came to you via the Linkup and am following your blog using Feedly now (you should get stats from when I come and visit the blog from there!).

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