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The Promise of Us (Sanctuary Sound #2) by Jamie Beck

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I reviewed the previous book of this series on the blog before:

The Memory of You audiobook cover art

I really enjoyed this book! It was just the right time for something a little more laid back and romantic during other more complicated books.

This is a standard model but done well. It has two strong women, each suffering through different mental and physical trauma. These two women have had a falling out, and the repercussions have sent waves throughout the community. Claire has built a wall around the town and has stayed within these walls with fear holding her back. Her nemesis/ex-best friend/betrayer is recuperating after her cancer treatments, and her brother has come to support her. The brother is the other half(little less than) of the story. They both grow over the process of realising how much both have let the past colour their lives and at the end of it all, they are the better for finding each other.

The friendships and conversations flow naturally, and the narrator did a great job. There are a few mildly explicit scenes with more details than the previous one, but they aren’t overpowering enough to turn away those who do not like reading them.

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