The Raid (Ryan Decker #2) by Steven Konkoly

The Raid audiobook cover art

Thom Rivera (Narrator)

I read and reviewed the last book by the author: The Rescue. This book picks up almost seamlessly from the previous. It felt like a quicker read/listen as well since I was now familiar with the tactics and the team dynamics of the people involved.

Ryan Decker and his partner have been given a new role, more funding and an ear into the more shady goings-on in different parts of the country. There is an odd sighting at the Mexico border that ends up with missing border agents and a garbled off radio message. This sets off a chain of events that involves Decker and his team putting their lives on the line and breaking tons of legal rules to figure the situation out. It is incredibly fast-paced, and the characters are people that anyone would love to root for (the ones on the right side that is). There is not much that I can say in the form of a review other than that it feels like a pretty solid adventure with all the right action but a lot of casualties left on the side. It left me wondering how it would be for an author to write a spin-off off a low-level henchmen’s death and how his family sustains himself after.

I recommend only reading this after gaining knowledge from the first since a large portion is not repeated here, and the ambience and dynamics within the team will not make sense otherwise.

My last KU review was: The Promise of Us (Sanctuary Sound #2) by Jamie Beck. I made a few changes, and my queue now looks like this.

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