The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

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I saw this book on a library shelf, and the author’s name stuck out as someone who is regularly featured in the numerous blogs I follow, and I decided to pick it up. It was a satisfying choice. It took me the better part of the day to finish reading this, but I did it in one sitting and did not feel bad about the time I sunk into reading it which is not a very common relationship between me and thrillers with twists in them.

The story begins with the narrator reliving an incident that occurred fifteen years ago. Emma Davis finds herself in the same situation as all those years ago, at a camp which she left in chaos. She holds close to her the one lie which she reveals to us much later into the story. There is a repetitive back and forth in the narrative, which is meant to and possibly does a great job of confusing the facts and overlapping our understanding. I saw a few things coming, but it was only a chapter before they did happen, so the narrative did its job of leading me with it. It has all the ingredients to entertain those fond of such stories, and it kept me occupied and interested throughout.

I recommend this to readers of this genre and will definitely be picking up more books by this author next year.

P.S: I am still finding it a bit of a chore to put these words into writing, and that might reflect in the quality of the reviews, but I hope to shake off the lethargy by working my way through it. I hope I find that right ‘click’ sometime soon. It may or may not be hidden with the building of my annual compilation lists, but fingers are crossed.

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