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Tuesday Mooney Wore Black by Kate Racculia

Tuesday Mooney Wore Black: Racculia, Kate: 9780008326951: Amazon ...

This book was also published as Tuesday Mooney speaks to Ghosts (still up for request on NetGalley) and after reading the book, I must say that this version suits it better. The ghosts play, but a minor role in it all, but they hover in the background. The black, however, is in the foreground and a significant identifier of Tuesday Mooney. She is an individual who has retained that individuality over time, mostly by avoiding relationships that usually cause people to change or alter even in minor ways. This also means that in retrospect, it is a lonely life.

When the story begins, we are introduced to Tuesday and her friend(despite all her attempts to not acknowledge the relationship) Dex. They are vital players till a man upstages everyone by dying in an auction and leaving behind a public call for everyone to participate in a sort of treasure hunt with the final pot being most of the money he has spent years accumulating. He is eccentric, and so is everything that follows. There is a bizarre method to the madness, and the book is genuinely not for everyone.  I enjoyed it. There is more depth in the relationships explored within the pages than those books that focus only on the links and where they are the primary and sole purpose of the narrative. We have a few additional people weave in and out, and overall, I not only enjoyed the story, but it got me back my reading mojo with the flow of the story. You need to suspend belief in the ‘realities’ of our lives as we know it to keep up with parts of the story.

I would recommend this to people who like reading an eccentrically phrased narrative that takes some time to provide a more complete picture.

Although I received this ARC through a pre-approved widget from the publishers and NetGalley, The review is entirely based on my own reading experience. 

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