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Expeditions Unpacked by Ed Stafford

As an unexpected addition to my participation in Non-Fiction November I am (almost) ending this month with a Non-fiction book that I had forgotten I had a timer on. I have an E copy of the ARC by the publishers (I love the wide range of topics they cover in their publications) which expires tomorrow and it might e yet another of their books that I might actually purchase this at some point in the future. The review, however, is based entirely on my own reading experience.

This book is a list of some well-known and a few lesser-known (at least to me) expeditions conducted either individually or in slightly bigger groups around the world. It includes the finer details of the expeditions, mostly the kits that they carry to survive, supplies to explore and deal with the main focus of their respective expeditions. It is excellent fodder for anyone interested in how much of a luxury the current and past explorers had, the difference between them and for someone who has not even been glamping let alone camping, it seemed fascinating that people put themselves through such discomfort on purpose. It is for a higher cause, either to advance the information people had or sometimes just to meet a challenge. The personality of the expedition is also brought into scrutiny in this manner. There is always that one quirk for every expedition that was amusing as well as interesting since we are talking about both men and women and in different eras! Two or more pages are devoted to the complete story behind the expeditions for the lovers of adventures as well

The author’s personal interest in the field of exploration has brought him up close with choices that he makes on a regular basis and that adds to the information he lays before us. Whichever way it is looked at, it is a unique book with equally unique content and anyone with a semblance of interest in real-life explorers/adventurers will spend quality time with it.

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