The Poison Garden by A. J. Banner

The Poison Garden audiobook cover art

This was an interesting book, to say the least. Given the ratings on Goodreads and my love-hate relationships with unreliable narrators, I went in expecting a decent book but nothing great. This was better than decent, it had the required spins to make it stand apart. It might have been the fact that I heard it on audio, but I got swept away with all the constant back and forths on what the truth could be.

The narrative begins and predominantly stays with Elise, a woman who is happy about her approaching first anniversary. She gets a rude jolt as soon as she gets home. Within the span of the next few hours, things start spiralling further out of control than expected. There are multiple unknowns, and although some parts were predictable, the timing was good enough that even the feeling of knowing what the future holds does not take the momentum away when the events finally do occur!

The cast in the story is limited to a few players, almost all of them play significant roles in the deterioration of Elise’s mental state. She is not the standard unreliable narrator with problems of addictions or bad experiences previously hindering lucid thought. She is an average woman who has excellent judgement at specific parts of her ongoing adventures, for the most part, reality and persuasion tends to crowd her concerns out and replace it with uncertainty about her own ability to judge the situation. It is fast-paced and has more than a single thread of a story woven through it. The epilogue/last chapter was more sedate than I expected given the pace through the rest of the book, but otherwise, it was quite an enjoyable read (if you enjoy reading thrillers and are okay with using the word ‘enjoy’ in describing the experience)

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but ended up listening to my copy thanks to my Kindle Unlimited membership and this review is of the audio version.

My last KU review was: Widow’s Island Novella Series by Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot. My queue now looks like this:

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