Chick lit

The Wonder of Now (Sanctuary Sound #3) by Jamie Beck

The Wonder of Now audiobook cover art

Narrated by: Dara Rosenberg

This was a fitting ending to the series. I reviewed the previous books of the series #1,#2. I really enjoyed the second as compared to the first and the last. It was a pretty solid story, with the focus being on Peyton Prescott.

She is now on a book tour about surviving her round of cancer treatment, and she is struggling to find a new avenue in life. Her counterpart in this story is a man who lives with agendas and firm control over life, emotions and everything that that entails. The two immediately fall for each other and struggle with the attraction. The characters were interesting and well written, but I just felt like it did not add anything new to the mix. Every time I read a trilogy with three main characters and each with their own book, I look forward to how different the narrative sounds based on whose head we are currently having the privilege of residing in. This story did not really set it apart from the other two. The best part of the story, however, is the ever mending relationship between Claire and Peyton. This particular bit had me in tears in public as I struggled to hold on till the topic changed (I was listening to the audiobook).

The narration is pretty great, and for lovers of the genre, this has the emotional struggle that can set it apart if read on its own, but after reading about the other two women of the trio, I was not very enticed. This entire series is pretty good for a quick read, a couple of happy and sad tears and well-written narratives.

I am not updating my KU list in this post, because I will be following up this post shortly with another book also listened through KU and I will update the information there. My last KU post was: The Poison Garden by A. J. Banner

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