Dark Pattern (The Naturalist #4) by Andrew Mayne

Dark Pattern audiobook cover art

Narrated by: Will Damron

The Naturalist audiobook cover art Looking Glass audiobook cover art Murder Theory audiobook cover art 

One of the main reasons I had to give this book five full stars is because I have liked the other books in this series and have given them all four stars each, and had to set this apart somehow. This is one of the most solidly consistent series that I have come across as I work my way through those books available to me using my Kindle Unlimited account.

There is something endearing about a man who has the capacity and the will to do good above everything else. He puts the lives of others over his own (given how he thinks of his own life, it is not too much of a surprise). This story begins with the aftermath and debris left of Theo Cray’s life after he upended a very significantly sinister plot. I highly recommend you read the previous books in order before getting here because otherwise the emotional quotient of the story and the frustration that we see will not have the appropriate impact.

Dr Theo Cray is now a very popular serial killer hunter, a term he is less than pleased about. He keeps getting tips and each time, despite his saner instinct, to shield himself from disaster, he digs his heels further into something that niggles at him. Theo works through the data that is hard to come by and not altogether legal. His life is shredded by the end, and it is heartbreaking to see how he ends up while at the same time, he saves people!

There was a titbit about what we might expect next from him, and I, for one, cannot wait. The narration was excellent and set the required tone and context wonderfully!

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  1. The Naturalist
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  4. Dark Pattern


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