Book Recommendations

2019 Long List I : Inspirational Books and Learning Tools

My last year’s list was: 2018 Long List I : Inspirational Books and Learning Tools

These books are not in any particular order of preference and the covers lead back to my reviews on a new page, so you can keep this one open. I have had a great year reading-wise and really look forward to what will change in the upcoming year. These are all pre-scheduled posts, and I hope you find something really interesting in them!

Ode to the spirit(human or otherwise) amidst despair for our collective futures ( May sound very highbrow but essentially means stories of survivors or their fight to survive)

45838716. sy475 42733413. sy475 35960007  22449351 43169777. sy475    36487851  40947829 The Forgiving Kind  40012112  42082779 The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See 46126662

For those with New Year Resolutions to try/learn something new:

43723053 38372111 38509772  36205145  40338041. sy475 42191986 36204977 43821541. sx318 38657158

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