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2019 Long List III – Comics and Cozy reads

This is the third of my Five-part long list, I plan to release one per day, pre-scheduled and only review anything I read in that time next year. These are not in any particular order of preference and the covers lead back to my reviews on a new page. These are books that I have read this year and actually recommend.

The previous instalments of my Long list were:

Comics/Graphic Novels deserve their own list (this is shorter than previous years’):

43821535  43821556 45187248. sx318

Cosy reads for any time:

  • Mystery

36391334 The Murder on the Links: A Hercule Poirot Mystery ... The Pale Horse (Ariadne Oliver, #5)  6473203. sy475   44292635 42118422 39863445 42204311  43866611 42818750

  • Heart

  42376519  40554108 40407141 43602848   44641641 A Gift from the Comfort Food Café (Comfort Food Cafe, #5)   44076057 I Owe You One 38093958  42982407  28230013. sx318 43446223. sx318 Voyage of the Heart audiobook cover art

  • Friendship

40030327. sy475   41880608    img_20190221_190445 

  • Adventure

45692553. sy475  32451004  35436043 36425796 45715923 44170280

  • Humour

The Papers of A.J. Wentworth, B.A.    13707755

  • Random/Kids

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