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Mega Stats 2019

My previous stats post was: Mid Year Stats 2019. I am going to repeat most of them for the whole year as opposed to six months.



I once again (just like last year) apologise in advance for the extreme length of this list. I had a lot of ‘realisations’ when I saw the data out like this. I spent a considerable chunk of the 2018 Mega Stats trying to assail my feeling that I read too many books for it to be believable. I have since seen some way more outrageous numbers being talked about on Twitter, so I have come to terms with my reading and only feel a little bad about flooding this page with so many non-random graphs. Hope you find them as entertaining as they were as I saw them come together

I read a total of 322 books this year, more than the 302 of last year. I read almost as much in the second half as the first, which shows some form of consistency!


Chicklit continues to be a leading winner, mostly because it is easier/faster to read among heavier ones, although I found some really great ones this year.


My non-fiction percentage continues to be much lower than I would want it to be. The sad part is that the actual numbers are lower than last year!


Although the number of male authors is lower than last year, I made an improvement since the mid-year stats!


The above is a list of all the titles that I read instead of listened to. I added the no. of books with total page count since it was interesting to see how 20 books of fantasy had the same page count total as 33 of Drama! Total no. of Non-audio pages: 83621

No. of non-audio books by genre and gender of the author


Audio: total of 615 hours = 25.625 days

No. of hours/genre divided my gender of the author


No. of audiobooks by gender of narrators:


This is something new:


Of the books in the series:


Nationality No. Of Books (Authors may repeat, I will try to clean that part up next year!)
Afghani- American 1
American 154
Australian 9
British 110
British Indian 1
British Nigerian 1
British Portuguese 1
Canadian 8
Chinese American 1
Dutch 2
French 1
German 1
German American 1
Indian 2
Iranian 1
Irish 11
Irish American 1
Italian 1
Japanese 1
Mexican 1
Multiple 1
New Zealander 1
Philippino 1
Romanian 2
Scottish 4
Singaporean 3
Vietnamese American 1


Format of book and where I got the book from:


Those hidden values are author provided and a very small few that I already owned



Personal reasons concerning a few books: No. Of Books
Bought the book after starting the ARC 4
Crime Classics Widget 2
Had the ARC of one book in series 4
Originally an ARC found on KU 6
Publisher sent widget 1
Rave reviews 10
Read another book by the author 23
Saw Movie on Netflix 2


Translated work (Since as of now, I can only read books only in English:

Bengali 1
Dutch 1
German 1
Italian 1
Japanese 1
Spanish 1

My ratings for the year, an uptick in the number of 2stars!


Ratings by genre:


Ratings by type of format

non- green


Moving on to where and when the stories were based: My map looks better than last year but intend to do better next year!!


non- green.png

  • Fantasy world: 27
  • World: 19
  • Space: 3







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