The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

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This is another book that has been discussed on the blogosphere over the last year. I had to confirm if the content was one of those few thrillers that I actually end up enjoying. Anyone who has read my blog the past year or two will know how much of a hit or miss this genre is for me.

Moving on to this story, most people would have at least seen the synopsis. There is a woman who has been quiet since the day she was found with the gun while her husband lay dead due to a bullet wound. She has not said a word, hence the title of the story. She was an artist, but she does not pursue that either. Our narrator is a man who has spent so much time being swept away with the questions in the case that he feels he just might have the key to unlock it all. Then narration is simply done, and although you know a twist is coming, it hit me out of the blue. That last part is something I really enjoy is most of my books. It was an obvious event, but somehow I still did not see it coming. It is a quick read, and with unlikeable characters that you only feel mild emotions towards.

I would recommend it to readers of the genre and admit quite happily that it lived up to most of its hype.

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