Dear Mrs. Bird by A.J. Pearce


This was yet another book that was buzzing through the blogosphere, and I got rejected for multiple versions of ARCs. I bided my time and was rewarded as it was surprisingly available on Kindle Unlimited. It was a speedy read.

I should begin by saying that the narrative tone and some of the words used made me feel like this was more contemporary than based in the second world war. I have read quite a few historical fictions and a couple of non-fiction based in that time, and I did not feel the same vibe from this one. Although this may sound ominous, it is not really. The narration is actually quite upbeat and chipper, making it a quick and fun read.

It does deal with harsher sides of living as a young, ambitious and idealistic woman in the 1940s with the war going on. Emmy Lake ends up in a job that she does not think too highly of, with most people laying down their lives she is to help answer personal questions. When she feels she is doing a disservice to that role as well, she takes some matters into her own hands. This will ultimately not end well, but we have to see it through because there are a few bright spots. It focuses on friendships and family ties, and overall, I am glad I gave it a chance since I was introduced to an entirely likeable cast of characters, even the not-so friendly were written in such a manner that they could be enthusiastically booed.

My last KU review was: Elven Winter (The Saga of the Elven #2) by Bernhard Hennen and my queue now looks like this:

Blood on the Tracks audiobook cover art  The Metamorphosis (AmazonClassics Edition) audiobook cover art Excise audiobook cover art Don't Even Breathe audiobook cover art Stay audiobook cover art 39206983 45447492. sx318 Smoke and Summons audiobook cover art Elven Queen audiobook cover art 48842458. sx318

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Has your year begun well?


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