Under Currents by Nora Roberts


My last review by this author was:


If you check this one and the others listed in the review, you will know what I think of the author and her work. That said, I think this one delivered more of the old feeling than any others I have read recently. We have two broken people. One of whom we meet after knowing his past and how he got to the place he is at. His counterpart feels like she has had a far easier time, but that might not be the truth. Although once again I guessed large chunks of the ‘mystery’ parts of the story, it was still a good read.

The entire story is based in a small town. We have a brooding hero and an active landscape artist who is burrowing her way into the town’s hearts. They have different histories with domestic violence and the scars run deep. There are believable situations that pop up and are well written enough to squeeze out a tear. It was also not as big as some of her other works, given that it covers a lot of content. If you are looking for strong characters and a happening storyline and quite a few heartfelt moments, you are sure to enjoy this book.


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