The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven

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In the same manner, as my previous library books and reviews, this was also something the blogging world almost unanimously chose as a winner. With its sequel in ARC form currently being read and reviewed, I thought I should try the first before waiting to successfully get my hands on the second.

This was a brilliant book. Only because I guessed the ending and kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, I cannot, in all honesty, give it that full five stars. I loved the characters and since this is the first book in a series (and I highly recommend you start with it if you, unlike me, already have the second) they are completely fleshed out. We have the grizzled man who has spent some time working with his hands to forget the situation he left at work and the lives that were intertwined with the mess. Throw into the mix a child prodigy(of sorts) who takes everything literally and has no real friends. To tie this all together we have an effective and efficient boss who helps the investigation along by working out the fastest solutions.

The case itself was pretty intricately woven and had multiple layers. The investigation and not the result forms the bulk of the narrative and it was exciting to watch it unfold.  We have warring consciences in play here and at the end, we are left with a pandora’s box opened and I am guessing we will see more of what follows in the next instalment.

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