Fell Murder by E.C.R Lorac

I will add this as my first book for the year for #BritishCrimeClassicsChallenge This book felt like a breath of fresh air. I know that this is an extremely odd way to begin the review of a book that is at its core a murder mystery. The descriptions of the people, the land (as the preface… Continue reading Fell Murder by E.C.R Lorac


Blood on the Tracks by Barbara Nickless

Narrated by: Emily Sutton-Smith I have always prided and cursed my memory for unwanted things in equal measure. One of the drawbacks of it meant that I cannot enjoy the suspense as well as others who forget (happily) the key twists that they enjoyed the first time. This was a very generalised notion based on my… Continue reading Blood on the Tracks by Barbara Nickless