Blood on the Tracks by Barbara Nickless


Narrated by: Emily Sutton-Smith

I have always prided and cursed my memory for unwanted things in equal measure. One of the drawbacks of it meant that I cannot enjoy the suspense as well as others who forget (happily) the key twists that they enjoyed the first time. This was a very generalised notion based on my rereading books which happen in a very infrequent fashion. This book happily proved me wrong in a fashion. I will explain further.

The main difference between my (now forgotten) reading of this book when it first released and this iteration was the fact that this time I listened to the excellent narration by Emily Sutton-Smith. This one change was an icing because the narration was done so well that it added an extra layer of atmosphere to the already complex writing. I rated it pretty highly for 2016 with four stars, and I will retain that for now but give more details as to the why of the rating.

This is the story of Sydney Rose Parnell. She is defined in many ways, both by people who know her and by herself. She is an Iraqi Vet, a railway cop, a woman raised by her grandmother and among various other things she sees ghosts. These ghosts may be figments of her imagination, but it forms a very intricate part of describing her thought process as she investigates the murder of someone she knew. Syndey has a heart of gold, and although troubled, she still does the best she can. She is the best kind of leading lady to root for. Now onto the plot itself. I remembered what the ending concerned once I was introduced to all the key players. I was almost sure how things would turn out, but with every other chapter, I questioned my memory since the evidence clearly pointed to something else! I kept changing my mind and reassessing the information I had that it felt like I never knew the ending at all (although I did remember it correctly as it turned out)

Overall its a fast-paced and not altogether easy read in terms of emotional baggage but a solid one. There are four books in the series, and that means I am set for a while with regards to at least one book in my KU queue

My last KU review was: Dear Mrs Bird by A.J. Pearce and my queue now looks like this:

The Metamorphosis (AmazonClassics Edition) audiobook cover art Excise audiobook cover art Don't Even Breathe audiobook cover art Stay audiobook cover art 39206983 45447492. sx318 Smoke and Summons audiobook cover art Elven Queen audiobook cover art 48842458. sx318 42206629. sx318

What do you think of my queue? I think its a little on the heavy side, I might have to find a good chick-lit series to pick up soon to lighten the load!

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