The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright by Beth Miller

I scheduled a load of reviews for the last week, and suddenly, once again, I am at the beginning of another week, and January is already half gone!

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I picked this book up because I had read and liked another by the author: The Two Hearts of Eliza Bloom. This, however, was not exactly my kind of read.

At this point, I should mention that most of the people in the narrative are of ages that I am either past or have decades to get to. Sometimes you can put yourself in the place of the characters and see their world and decisions through their eyes. In this story, I just couldn’t. We begin with Mrs Bright leaving her life and husband as she tries to work out what she wants to do next. A part of the push to make this was the sudden and abrupt unresponsiveness of her friend Ursula ( So the title could have been the missing letters to Mrs Bright for the situation to be more evident). In between chapters, we are given a backwards look at the letters Mrs Bright wrote which also made for interesting reading (but they aren’t missing either, Ursula/bear has them). She is tired of the life she has led which is nowhere close to the dreams and ambitions of her teenage self. The justifications for her decisions and the events that follow are not completely strong but are written in an entertaining (if sad in parts).

We also get to see the thoughts of her daughter and her life was interesting. She is emotional and stuck in a life where she is struggling to shine. Her story was pretty much the only reason I finished the book and although I enjoyed all her ups and downs including the reconciliation with her mother (they have a falling out- it is not exactly a spoiler). Despite that, I cannot give it the same rating I did for the previous book by the author.  I have to admit quite wholeheartedly that although the content did not reach me, I did really like the author’s style of writing, and for this fact alone I will pick up another book by her if I get a chance.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but as you can see the review is entirely based on my own reading experience. My only bias could be the fact that I am not close to the ages of the protagonists discussed here and may not have the life experiences to understand the situations written here.

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