Don’t Even Breathe (Maggie Novak Thriller #1) by Keith Houghton

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Narrated by: Karen Peakes

I saw this gorgeous cover multiple times pre and post prelease but never actually picked it up. Then, when I saw that there was one more in the series already released and another set to later this year, I thought it might be the appropriate time to check it out. I always like a more extended series because if it turns out that I like it, it ensures a long reading queue with guaranteed entertainment.

Maggie Novak is a policewoman with a long history with the town. She grew up there and has a host of good and bad memories, and most of them are going to surface with the case she has just landed. What I liked about the narrative was that all the characters, especially Maggie, have not been obsessing over the past every day. Like most average humans, they have learnt to cope and move on. Only the mention of the past issues brings it to the forefront, and only then the analysis occurs.

There is a burnt body found which leads Maggie on an almost wild-goose chase, but she is continuously analysing the things she thinks she remembers and the actual truth of the past. This may or may not have any bearing on the woman they have found, but Maggie’s gut is not giving up. Overall the narration was pretty great, and I think it was the reason I enjoyed the atmospheric writing even more. I may be using the word atmospheric quite often, but for thrillers, I cannot think of a more suitable way to express my reading /listening experience.

My last KU review was Dr Schwartzman #1 #2 by Danielle Girard. I have been devouring my audiobooks, and this has led to a lot more audiobook reviews than I would have expected for this month. I am yet to lighten my queue, but what do you think of this?

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