Lying Next to Me by Gregg Olsen

Lying Next to Me audiobook cover art

Narrated by: Karen Peakes, Scott Merriman, Katie Koster, P. J. Ochlan

This year I have decided to be more brutal in my ratings than last year. Although this is partially unfair to the things, I am only getting to this year, with my enormous reading list, I am not enjoying everything equally. Since I have seen one form of a storyline elsewhere and the next time I encounter a similar tale, I want something extra.

I preface my review with this disclaimer because it will further enhance what I am trying to say about the story in question

The premise was intriguing, and we have four different voices narrating their own versions of the events that occur, the past and muddy the waters as to what the actual truth might be. We have two couples, and a lone woman with a history that haunts her present. This reminded me of a movie I saw years ago in Hindi based in a hill station. I do not recollect the name, but I am sure there must be many English counterparts of the story. The narration in itself was complicated and swings our emotions with regards to the sympathy we may feel with any given character at any given time while maintaining suspicions. This was the highlight. The plot in itself, as I mentioned earlier, has been done before, and there were enough hints dropped to ensure my sureness with regards to the ultimate outcome.

One woman is abducted in broad daylight and later found dead. It was meant to be a holiday long weekend, but it is set to upend the lives of many people. I would recommend this book to readers of the genre who find the premise exciting. A little way in, you can be sure of your feelings for the rest of the book and therefore make up your mind about it.

My last KU review was: Stay by Catherine Ryan Hyde, and with a few changes, my queue now looks like this:

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