Nine Elms (Kate Marshall #1) by Robert Bryndza

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I am in the minority once again. I heard so much about the author that when I saw a new series starting, I wanted to get in on it from the very beginning. This (once again) was not for me. I will talk about the story and then point out the reasons it did not work for me and therefore separate myself from the crowd. Seeing my reasoning, you can make up your own minds about it.

Kate is a cop who ends her career because of a miscalculation and the fact that she apprehends a serial killer. The latter is something that should have been advantageous to her career but works out in the utterly opposite fashion due to unforeseen complications. She is now struggling with keeping herself sober (fourteen years later) and is facing reminders of those killings. Then a cat and mouse game is played to a climactic end.

The story itself should have worked but I felt like all the crimes/erratic behaviour were more for shock value. They were pushed into the forefront even before the person committing the crimes became an actual figure in mind. The biggest thing that bothered me was almost inconsequential, at the halfway point, Kate happens to refer to herself as a private investigator and then ends up printing cards with that as a title. She is teaching at a College, and I found this beyond strange. I actually googled to confirm that you need a license to be a Private investigator and that takes at least a couple of days. Nowhere is that fact even acknowledged. In a police procedural of this format, I would assume that is an essential missing step! I could be wrong however and am basing this reaction solely on my google results and certain other books/shows I have read or watched. The criminal is shown to us in the very beginning, and everything that happens next just seemed to want to shock the reader. I did not feel the thrill that should have been part of the chase and the being chased. This review is a personal reaction to the narrative. I would recommend this to readers of the genre who might find it more to their taste than I did.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.


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